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The Yoga Teacher

The Magic Behind Yoga 

Yoga means Union, so it is the integration path of all the layers of the human being, summarised in the physical body, energetic body and the soul, however, it is a very wide universe that can be classified in many others bodies according to the depth of the yogic research.


In this sense, this millenary discipline, that more than a discipline is a philosophy of life, uses the body as a tangible instrument to go into a journey to our inner-self to regulate what is intangible, our mind, to then find the communion with our spiritual state.


According to Patannjali the father of Yoga, he meant this method as the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind through the Asanas (yoga postures), Pranayama (the practice of breath control) and Meditation (balance state, with a clear mind and calm emotions) among others, to transcend to a greater level of consciousness and union with the divinity, where we integrate all our layers to achieve the liberation.



Yoga is considered a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, based on the practice of specific techniques and the contemplation of reality just as it is. 

Photography by Rudi Balogh 

My Yogic Journey


As a dancer, Yoga has been present in my whole career. It was in 2000 when I had my first approach to this deep and vast universe, which became part of my physical training. However, it was not until 2016 when I started a different journey through Yoga. My needs, still physical, turned into a more profound personal search, where I started evidencing not only the body benefits I was acquiring but also the emotional and mental balance I was experiencing with a regular Yoga practice. So, at this time it became into my daily practice, transforming my performance as a dancer and my way of teaching in both Contemporary Dance and Pilates Method.


Since then, Yoga was present in my entire life as training and part of my teaching, but it was in 2020, twenty years after our first encountering, when I became an RYT 200- Registered Yoga Teacher in the Yoga Alliance, through an RYS - Sadhana Yoga School, an amazing school where I have consolidated my teaching skills but also where I have experienced a marvellous immersion into a more profound way of live Yoga more than just doing Yoga.


My teaching is based on the sequence of Sadhana Power Vinyasa, a fluid Yoga sequence, which is designed to challenge physically your body but creating a lot of options and modifications that invite all level students to join this journey to their inner-self. Vinyasa is the main foundation, which offers a moving meditation, encouraging not only the physical body but also the energetic ones. The Yoga journey will also bring you into pranayama practice, which engages your concentration and reconnection with your self-awareness and presence. 


See you on the mat and experience the Yoga magic…

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