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The Contemporary Dance Teacher and Choreographer

The human interaction that dance provides, has allowed me to both teach and to learn from my students throughout my 20 years of experience. My teaching approach started with children at state and private schools, and in 2007, I began working with The National School of Dance in Venezuela, a place where I taught and created choreographies for children, many of whom have become professional and successful dancers. Simultaneously, I created choreographies for adults, which were performed in many festivals and theatres. I had the opportunity to be part of the Community-University Programmes, where I expanded my teaching experience to seniors, people with special needs, and communities in remote areas.

Teaching is based on a dynamic flow of giving and receiving! Simply understanding that teachers are able to blossom!

Children and Teenagers

My experience ranges from children of 6 to teenagers of 17 years old, where my aim has been to bring out their expressivity, using the elements and qualities of movement of Contemporary Dance technique, being respectful of the learning process of each age stage, as well as the unique and personal way of creation and self expression. Children have intrinsically the abstraction and movement harmony that a professional contemporary dancer looks for throughout his/her whole career, so I take advantage of this natural way of communication and help the child to consciously expose and use this characteristic way to move and communicate.    

Professional Dancers

My approach to teach and create choreographies initiated at university, where my ideas were being skilfully performed by professional dancers. Thanks to the renown Festival of Young Choreographers in Venezuela, I had the opportunity to show my works for over 4 years with very inspiring results, leading to the creation of my company Agua Miel Dance, which I co-directed with Emerita Garcia. It was then, when  I had the opportunity to shape my own style of communication where dancers become the main channel of expression to deliver the message to the audience, the final receptor.

Community and Special Needs

There isn’t anything more satisfactory than teaching someone who really feels dance as a passion, even if they don’t have any academic knowledge about this discipline. Dancing is a universal language of communication naturally intrinsic in all of us, and teaching communities and people with special needs is the best example. The inspiration, creativity and the harmony which spontaneously emerges from them makes the elements that I use to teach and create under contemporary dance structures.  Watching dance flow from a non academic dancer is the most rewarding expression of art.

Children and Teenagers 

Anchor 1 Children and Teen
Atzuin Awala - Fuerza de hermana
(Sisters' strength)


National School of Danza Year 4 (from 12 to 13 years old)  

Choreographer and Contemporary Dance teacher: Maria Jesus Mendible (Gocha)

Choreography inspired by Venezuelan Indigenous literature

Photography Jose Paco Alonzo

Professional Dancers

Anchor 2 Adults Teacher Choreo

Concept, Choreography and General Direction by Maria Jesus Mendible (Gocha) 


Performers: Lois Taylor and Maria Mendible (Gocha).

Photography by Luisa Gonzalez

Pleyades - Pleiades

Community and Special Needs

Anchor 3 Community

What does your body like? how do you feel it?

Dance workshop for children with special needs

University Institute of Dance IUDANZA in the Province

University Community Programme

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