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The Pilates Instructor



The Transformation behind Pilates 

Pilates is a method created by Joseph Pilates, a visionary man who completely changed the concept of body training. Marked by a sickly childhood, he dedicated his whole life to improving his health, creating a training method to enhance his physical condition.


During World War I, the British authorities imprisoned him with other German citizens, and at this point, he started teaching his personal method called “Contrology” to war prisoners, developing his equipment and machines which helped them to recover and improve remarkably their condition and health.


This comprehensive exercise system merges strengthening, elongation, balance, body awareness and an integrative connection between body, mind and spirit. Thanks to his profound investigation into the anatomy, the Pilates’ method mainly focuses on the deep muscle network, which automatically brings positive and evident results out in the superficial one.

Pilates sessions are suitable for everybody, regardless of physical condition, age or gender, because its approach is individual for each person. Even though this discipline was designed to restore the balance of the muscle and skeletal system, nowadays Pilates has become a demanding training technique used by athletes, dancers and any practitioner or body professional. Pilates was created as a functional method that guarantees not only a well-built body but also provides a remarkable improvement in body energy, agility, posture restructure, breathing pattern balance and emotional harmony that entirely transforms our day-to-day life.  

Photography by Rudi Balogh 

My transformation... 

Throughout my professional life, I have seen many students with moderate and severe physical problems as a result of their work, stress, muscle fatigue, body weakness, bad posture or specific pathologies in joints or spine. In order to help them, I started my Pilates Method education with Physical Mind Institute Latin America, being recognised after a meticulous training, as a Pilates Instructor. Since then, I have been able to offer my students ways to relieve body pain, help during recovery from injury, and most importantly, to provide them with injuries prevention training. I have also trained athletes and dancers to enhance their muscle strength and flexibility, helping them improve their specific performances.


Pilates is a functional method suitable for everyone with any specific need, so everyone can obtain the benefits that it offers.  

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