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About GochaWellness

GochaWellness offers a sensitive and deep immersion into body training, covering the three main states of the human being: body, mind and spirit, in order to conquer wellbeing. 


Highly confident in teaching different age groups that range from children to seniors and taking a sensitive approach to those with special needs. Gocha encourages you to experience your bodywork uniquely, strengthening and increasing the flexibility of your body and mind and opening your sensitivity to reconnect with the best version of yourself. 


With more than twenty years of teaching experience, Gocha invites you to rediscover consciously your body through her Contemporary Dance, Pilates and Yoga sessions, improving not only your health and physical condition, but also increasing your energy and vitality in your daily life.


Her knowledge of the physical training and body movements, obtained through a Bachelor degree in Dance and the international certifications in Pilates and Yoga; in addition to her diverse dance and scenic performance background, have granted Gocha the skills in designing creative and dynamic classes to help her students to achieve their individual goals while keeping them motivated with a different challenge in each class.


Enjoy the journey and rediscover yourself moving and smiling!



The Pilates Instructor
The Yoga Teacher
The Contemporary Dancer
The Contemporary Dance Teacher and Choreographer