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Since I was a child I had the firm conviction to become a dancer. Supported by my mother, I started dancing at the age of 7, having the fortune to continue my vocation and joining as a teenager the Venezuelan University of Dance where I graduated as a professional Contemporary Dancer at the age of 23. This was the start of an exciting career dancing in the most recognised companies in my country, as well as teaching to a wide range of people. In 2010, I became a certified Pilates Instructor, which has given me the opportunity to help people seeking to reconnect with their body and their health. Since then, I have had to make room for both the artist and the instructor in my life, offering dancers a better way to perform, and my clients a better way to live. 



The Contemporary Dancer
The Contemporary Dance Teacher and Choreographer
The Pilates Instructor

At the age of 17, after having danced for 10 years in a traditional genre, I started my professional education as a Contemporary Dancer in the University Institute of Dance (currently National University of Arts in Venezuela). This was a period which not only allowed me to learn and be inspired by the best teachers in the country, but to also start my approach towards professional dance companies. In 2002, I started dancing professionally with DRAMO Dramaturgy of Movement, company where I danced for 11 years and which left a mark in my career as a dancer and teacher. Apart from that, I have also had the opportunity to dance with other important dance companies, which have helped me to build my scenic performance and connection with audience. 

Dance is life and movement is a silent and intimate way to communicate!    

The human interaction that dance provides, has allowed me to both teach and to learn from my students throughout my 20 years of experience. My teaching approach started with children at state and private schools, and in 2007, I began working with The National School of Dance, a place where I taught and created choreographies for children, many of whom have become professional and successful dancers. Simultaneously, I created choreographies for adults, which were performed in many festivals and theatres in Venezuela. I had the opportunity to be part of Community University Programmes, where I expanded my teaching experience to seniors, people with special needs and communities in remote areas.

Teaching is based on a dynamic flow of giving and receiving! Simply understanding that,,teachers are able to blossom!

Throughout my professional life I have seen many students with moderate and severe physical problems as a result of their work, stress, muscle fatigue, body weakness, bad posture or specific pathologies in joints or spine. In order to help them, in 2009, I started my Pilates Method education with Physical Mind Institute Latin America, being recognised after a full year of training, as a Pilates Instructor. Since then, I have been able to offer my students ways to relieve their body of pain, to help during recovery from injury, and most important, to provide them with injuries prevention training. I have also trained athletes and dancers to enhance their muscle strength and flexibility, helping them improve their specific performances.

Pilates is a functional method suitable for everyone with any specific need, so everyone can obtain the benefits that it offers.    


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