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GOCHA- Time To Be Together

GochaWellness-Time To Come Together, is a free space created for all of those who wish to explore and nourish their bodies and spirits in this challenging time, where COVID-19 has pushed entire societies to . We are proud to reunite extraordinary professional and successful teachers, instructors and artists from different disciplines and parts of the world, who desire to offer a sensitive and professional guide through short sessions, that contribute to this time of connection with our collective light. Be welcome to join us and be part of this time of world renovation and #TimeToComeTogether.

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Open your heart, open your chest and change the perception of your surrounding...

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Our posture and body language reveal many aspects of our emotions. The ribcage protects physically our vital organs including our heart. When you feel sad or anxious your torso close to protect yourself emotionally. Let's open our chest and regain positive energy that helps us to diminish any negative feeling and be able to perceive a situation in a different way.

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