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During the last years, we have been witness to the impact Coronavirus has brought to our lives. We have testified how collective fear can disrupt entire societies but, we have also seen how love, compassion, and kindness have brought out all the best from us, turning in many cases isolation into a collective hug.

I strongly believe, we need to keep together to be able to cope with this challenging time in the most positive way, but stay responsibly at home to ensure we protect ourselves and other members of our communities, specially the most vulnerable ones. 


Meanwhile, we are at home, we have our NHS heroes, who are in front of the battle struggling to save thousands of lives, away from their homes and families despite having our same fears and needs. There will never be enough ways to thank them, so as a humble way of expressing my gratitude, I would like to offer my experience in bodywork and relaxation techniques to the NHS staff through free Online Pilates Group sessions twice a week, to help them to release any physical or emotional strain.


If you are an active NHS worker, I would like to offer my services and be with you in this challenging time.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.
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